Hello everyone!

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Starting today, Michi no Eki Aso website is also available in English and french! No autotranslation here, dedicated section were created to give you as much information as possible about Aso. You can choose your desired language on the top page and maybe discover places or historic facts you didn't know about. You can access our website via the following links:
https://www.aso-denku.jp/ (Japanese version)
https://www.aso-denku.jp/en/ (English version)

This is also the last time I will write on this Yahoo blog. All new blog articles will now be available directly from the website. I will share them on our social networks so I recommend you to like and subscribe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more clarity English and French articles will now be seperated. I wrote more than 500 articles on this blog but Yahoo will stop this service this year and our new website is the perfect solution to continue to deliver updated information about Aso. 

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